Identity and Branding

Why A Name Is Worth Your Time

A name is basically a first impression. It’s important to make a good one

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6 Signs of a Conscious Brand

Conscious Brands are: Empathetic, Multisensory, Habitual, Reformist, Collective and Moral. 

This new ‘Conscious Brand is capable of being more responsive (to desires, moods and culture) and more responsible (helping people, partners and the planet grow). 

To be ‘conscious’ means to be aware of and respond to your surroundings. So by calling for more conscious brands, we are calling for businesses to stop ignoring – consciously or not – the world around them.

And there’s a lot that brands often choose to ignore. For example, debates surrounding race, privilege, inequality, fake news, automation and climate change that all make for front page news are often uncomfortable arenas for brands – especially those which lack a genuine sense of purpose. 

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How to Build a Strong Brand

Motivate and resonate

You are the answer to a need – make sure you know what it is!


Your brand should reflect who you are as a company and as a product/service and communicate who you are (or who you want to be) to your target

Form an emotional connection

You want them to think you understand them in a way even their mother doesn’t.

Build loyalty

Build a brand that inspires confidence in your target market and defines how they view themselves.

A brand is “strong” when it scores high across three dimensions: When it is relevant, differentiated, and memorable. 

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Will Conscientious Organizations Save our World?

We believe that the future will be Generation Co. Generation Co will be con-scious, con-nected, col-laborative, com-munal and co-creative. Generation Co are co-producers of brands in their choices of who they support, and they will demand that governments, businesses and brands will show the com-pass that guides Generation Co. Unlike the previous Generation thinking, Generation Co is not defined by age, but a common set of values: whether one is 80 or 20, one is part of this Generation if one shares its conscience. With enough members of this generation, it will generate huge power to change how brands, businesses and societies operate.

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20/20 Design Trends

While none of us had 2020 vision for what this year would bring, there’s no denying that – even in the face of a global crisis – creativity always prevails.

In lockdown, all we had to distract and entertain ourselves with our social media, streaming xservices, online shopping, gaming and video conferences. Our US Election campaign was forced online, movies were released straight to iTunes, and Amazon reported North American sales were up 29%.

So what are the trends that are emerging as of mid-year?

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Happy Small Business Client

I was referred to agencyBEL through my attorney when he helped me  realize the person I was working with wasn’t elevating my brand. Switching was the best decision I have ever made! Laura’s out of the box thinking, innovative style to brand marketing and strategy has elevated my company’s brand and direction to the next level. I am MORE than satisfied with the work thus far! We are half way through my project, and I could not be happier.  I highly recommend agencyBEL to anyone looking to elevate their brand to the next level. 
— Nadege Montplaisir, Nurse Practioner, NYOTA Medical Footcare

Brand Positioning in a Pandemic

With customer spend dropping, and uncertainty threatening to tank the economy, CEOs and entrepreneurs might find their focus veering towards protecting the profit line.

However, as many successful companies are beginning to learn, it’s how you position your brand in these challenging times that will decide whether you survive this crisis.

All disasters, no matter how significant, eventually come to an end.

Your brand and how you position yourself when the world is dissolving into chaos is what will stick most in the minds of your consumers for years to come.

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Four Keys to Develop a Brand aligned with the Company

Business strategy and brand strategy are two sides of the same coin. The way we understand branding and its association with business has begun a transformation process allowing a better adaptation to new challenges –and also old ones which have regained prominence.

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Conscious Leaders with a Heart

You might think that crises tend to bring out the worst in people. But in fact, crises cause us to view leaders as more charismatic and effective than we normally do. The Harvard Business Review just shared in the article, “How CEOs Can Lead Selflessly Through a Crisis” that CEOs have been stepping up to support their employees during this pandemic.

For example, even though all of Patagonia’s stores are closed, CEO Yvon Chouinard has announced that the company will continue to pay all employees, leading some to conclude that the values-driven organization will survive the pandemic while other organizations will fail. Other CEOs who have committed to no layoffs include Hearst CEO Steven Swartz, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner, Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey, Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman, Citigroup CEO Mike Corbat, Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan, Visa CEO Alfred F. Kelly Jr., and FedEx CEO Frederick Smith, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins.

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The Cost of Bad Design

In 2003 Nokia designed the strangest looking phone, Nokia 7600 which looked like a teardrop. This phone had a standard size screen for that time but figuring out how to hold this phone or fit into your pocket was a great labyrinth. Single-handed texting on this phone was out of the question. Plus it had excessive weight with a very poor display. No doubt this product was a huge flop. Through the years Nokia has lost its market and this can be credited to designing such inconvenient handsets to some extent. Bad designs hurt your business. Maybe you don’t see the effects right away but in the long run, you will realize that you are losing customers. If the customer does not know how to use your product they will find an alternative to it. If your designers are not prototyping and testing their design that leads to bug fixes in the development phase or even worse in production which cost 10 times or 100 time more respectively.

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