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Wordmark Logo Trends

For better or worse, most typography is designed to fade to the background. While this may come across as dull, it’s what allows letters to read well, putting the meaning of the words ahead of the designer’s ego. Typically, “fonts” achieve this through a predictably uniform style, but in 2021, I have been seeing wordmarks with individual letters that stand out from the rest.

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Create a Brand Identity You’ll Be Proud Of

Starting a business is a process that’s both exciting and scary. But what about creating an entire brand identity? Branding tells the world who you are, what you’re about, and what people can expect from interacting with your business. It’s a big deal!

The difference between a brand, branding, and brand identity

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Happy 20th Agency BEL

What does Best Film Oscar Winner Gladiator, Britney Spears dancing with a python at the MTV’s Music Video Awards, and the release of the iPod & X-Box all have in common? 
2001, June specifically, is the year my boutique brand strategy and design business AgencyBel was founded!  

#Want to see how your brand performs against the competition? Set up a complimentary strategy call! We offer workshops too that help you align with the leaders of your organization to (re)ignite your brand and bring forth what is important.  

I have a Question

How do you build a strong brand

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Brand Strategy Today

What does this picture have to do with brand strategy? At the 1965 Newport Folk Festival, Bob Dylan went electric. He plugged his guitar into an amp and proceeded to play his first all-electric set. The chords were the same as before, but the arrangements were new—a new sound for a new age. A lot of traditionalists hated it. But Dylan was never afraid to try something new, and it’s safe to say he was onto something when he went electric. 

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Happy Entrepreneur

Laura helped me strategize and brand myself in a way that is true to who I am and shows my passion for holistic foot care. I know I made the right choice with Laura Sauter and Agency Bel.
Nadege Montplaisir, Nurse Practioner, NYOTA Medical Footcare

What Is Branding and Why Is It Important for Your Business ?

Branding is a process of developing and applying sets of features to an organization so that the audiences and customers can engage and interact with its products and services.

Sometimes the word “branding” can be intimidating. You may be thinking, “What’s my brand? How should I know?” Well, your brand encompasses how you are different than your competitors, but it doesn’t stop there. It involves your approach, your aesthetic, your value, your core. So if you’re stuck thinking about your brand, first of all consider hiring someone who has helped others develop their brand and represent it visually. Second, start a dialogue with yourself that starts with, “How do I stand out? What makes me different? What’s my value add?”And always keep in mind what you’re trying to achieve. It’s the core of everything you do.

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How to Market to Millennials

To appeal to millennials, brands need to prioritize their status and make them feel special in every step of the purchase journey

To appeal to millennials, brands need to prioritize their status and make them feel special in every step of the purchase journey. This cohort stands out the most from the average internet user in wanting brands to improve their image and reputation. They’re a status-seeking bunch and are unlikely to be intrigued by brands that don’t make them stand out from the crowd.

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Comprehensive brand strategy must consider the critical importance of color

Consider a red can of cola; blue striped capital letters, a black apple, and yellow arches –what brands come to mind? In each instance, color is the predominate element of identification and association with a brand. Color enables us to instantly recognize and draw emotional associations to a brand.

Color is far more than a simple aesthetic consideration in the tool kit of components that make up brand identity and experience.

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Why A Name Is Worth Your Time

A name is basically a first impression. It’s important to make a good one

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