Does your leadership need consensus on the direction of your brand? Want to help your team refine their elevator pitch? We offer workshops on a variety of branding, marketing and communications topics—all specifically developed to meet the needs of your start up, small business or fortune 500 organization. Each hands-on session is tailored to the interests and goals of the participants, who will leave with practical tactics and tools they can use immediately.

Large Company or Small

Agency Bel has worked with fortune 500 companies as well as 1-5 person startups. The same process applies no matter how large or small the enterprise. It’s just 5 passionate leaders in a room with white boards, large sticky poster paper tossing M+Ms around and getting the ideas on paper. Under our tutelage organizations such as Raytheon, Granite Financial Partners, Newcourt Financial, DuPont and the Nantucket Music School have had the opportunity to address and identify the directions of their diverse brands.


Two architectural companies came together as one. One was known for their institutional and medical acumen, and the other for their stately houses of worship. Both well known regionally and using the names of their principals. Was there an opportunity to create a brand new naming strategy? We brought the leaders together for an offsite meeting. This gave all involved a unique opportunity to discuss, strategize, and weigh all options peacefully and with the broader picture of the merged company as the focus instead of identities.

New Product Coming to Market

Did your company become known for one distinct product or service and is now growing to encompass a new branch of offerings? No problem. Ideally brands are created in such a way that it would be equally believable for your company to sell toilet paper as well as automotive parts. That is not always the case and that’s why some companies are known as one-hit wonders. In a brand building workshop we can fortify the good work your brand has already done and reinforce it for growth.

Non-Profit Sector

Our studio has presented to and facilitated groups of all sizes and expertise levels, including boards of non profit trustees. As a former board chair, she brings a particularly deep level of empathy and expertise to her work with boards.

Solo Practioners

Solo practitioners are unique! They are passionate souls who have a grain of an idea. They are typically so close to their ideas that it is tough to see the forest for the trees. For these business owners, we invite a core group of trusted advisors to partner in the workshop. These advisors may be comprised of: long term clients or customers, a representative of a new type of client they would like to attract, as well as seasoned business mentors they trust.


Small businesses get off the ground with bootstrapping and a bit of luck. A business card here, a website there, and finally a trade show or some signage. What may be left may be some confused customers. It’s time to take a step back and check in to see what you marketing efforts are based on. Our mantra is “it’s not hard if we all pull together in the same direction.” In this session, it is important to solidify the strategic roadmap that all stakeholders can follow, allowing your creative to propel your business forward rather than backwards

Public Speaking

Looking for a dynamic and engaging speaker for a conference? Want an outside expert to facilitate a branding or marketing conversation that you just can’t seem to resolve on your own? Principal, Laura Sauter was a professor for over 11 years and knows how to break down complex ideas into palatable pieces for any audience.  



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