Teaching Package Design and Advertising Design this Semester
Although my career path began as a graphic designer in the corporate and NY agency world, I have been fortunate to integrate teaching at the college level the last 9 years along with having Agency Bel. As a part-time faculty member at the New England Institute of Art, in Brookline I have taught diverse graphic design-related courses (42+) and interacted with an average of over 700 studentsĀ of unique backgrounds over that period.
Immediately, I was trusted to develop course curriculum and was expected to immerse myself in emerging trends of design and technology and expose my students seamlessly through lecture, exercises, projects, visiting artists, field trips and self directed research.

This semester I get to teach a NEW class for me, Package Design! Super excited to see what unfolds. Here are a few images that inspire me to showcase to the students this fall.

Heading to Superior Bindery for a field trip. I have been there several times with various students and love their operations. Some of the resources I recommend for newbies:

Package Design Magazine

Lovely Package Design

Creative Packaging

Design Packaging Blog