I got my start in advertising, but on the OTHER side of the camera as a tv actor and child model. HAHA not a lot exists digitally on YouTube, mainly on Betamax and VHS tapes that are dusty in the attic.

But this one survives online and has been a source of amusement during office kickoff meetings. Can you spot me as the “bite and smile girl”?¬†Amazingly, it turns out I worked with the lead creative of this spot when I was a creative director at Waldenbooks (Borders Group) in Ann Arbor, where Domino’s is headquartered. Gary Bastien was the art director on my staff and I took him out to lunch the first week I was on the job so that we could get to know one another. (He was pretty steamed that this young 29 year old from NYC was hired above him). Right away we put the pieces together and the rest was history! We had a blast working together!