When the largest U.S. mutual-fund company needed to refresh its retail branches, it turned to Gensler and my team to spearhead an effort involving interior architecture and signature finishes as well as display fixtures, graphics, and technology. The concept, which has since been rolled out to over 80 Fidelity outposts nationwide, made its debut at a 14,000-square-foot flagship in Boston’s Financial District. Each element maximizes customer choice and access to information. Transparency and movement further underscore that idea. Running circulation routes along the glazed facade, for example, gives passersby a clear view of a full-color LED stock ticker and billboard-style supergraphics. Vinyl supergraphics, adhered to the glass wall of the second-floor offices take on a billboard effect when seen from the street. Part of the lobby is covered with a signature graphic pattern combined and layered with an updated version of its longtime starburst logo as seen applied to the exterior windows.