No matter the size, when two firms or companies come together, there are going to be differing approaches. Since opening Agency Bel in 2001, I have supported a number of companies through this transition. One merger comes to mind, two architecture firms, one based in Somerville who specialized in schools and churches and the other based in Rhode Island who specialized in medical and manufacturing buildings. Both “speak” architecture, but the culture was dramatically disparate.

“Merging companies can be the right thing to do while still being incredibly emotional especially for the owners / founders. Laura was a wonderful facilitator during a naturally stressful process. She was able to balance our strong personalities while keeping mutual goals in site for all parties. Her solutions worked beautifully. She crafted strategies, messaging, and designs that our staffs could get behind and our customers followed suit! We cannot recommend Agency Bel more highly.” — EK, Architecture Firm Owner

Here’s how to handle rebrand planning and implementation in a way that promotes cultural integration and unity:

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