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Now live. 2023 EP506 Laura Sauter – The Power of Branding: Why Brands are the Reason People Buy from Us.  Thank you Rose Davidson for having me on your show, Talking with the Experts!

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Laura Sauter is a firm believer in the importance of consistency. She actively utilizes guidelines, rules, and tools that facilitate this in her professional endeavors. Laura sees the members of a company as brand ambassadors, thus emphasizing the need for unity. Drawing inspiration from a personal motto-“it’s not difficult if we all pull the boat in the same direction”- Laura likened business operations to a rowboat that could either reach the shore or cause chaos, depending on the direction taken by those aboard. This analogy is a reflection of Laura’s approach to brand management—emphasizing the importance of harmonious collaboration towards an established goal.

Welcome to another episode of Talking with the Experts! In today’s episode, our host Rose Davidson sits down with Laura Sauter, a brand expert, educator, and speaker, to discuss the importance of branding and how it influences consumer behavior. They delve into the elements of a good brand, including logos, tone of voice, typography, and colors, and emphasize the significance of consistency in brand messaging.

Laura also highlights the role of employees as brand ambassadors and the impact of a company’s mission on its brand perception. They explore the power of authenticity and social consciousness in building a strong brand image. Join us as we uncover the secrets to creating a seamless and effective brand strategy. Get ready to gain valuable insights and inspiration to take your business to new heights on this exciting journey with our experts. Stay tuned for an enlightening conversation with Laura Sauter on why brands are the reason people buy from us.

Connect with Laura: www.agencybel.com or https://lnkd.in/dxAJxdV

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