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Louis Di Calla Fine Lighting Designs, Cohasset “Agency Bel created the identity, high end custom viewbook complete with custom interior photography, as well as our website and tear sheet marketing pieces. Louis Di Calla is dedicated to creating beautiful objects, masterfully crafted in modern lighting silhouettes.”   — Kimberly Reilly, ownerhashtag#branddevelopment hashtag#brandingstrategy hashtag#brandpositioning #Kim Reilly #Kimberly Reilly #Agency Bel hashtag#brandlaunch […]

SIGNS IT’S TIME TO REBRAND; Tips on why and how to go about it.

How do you know when it’s time to rebrand your company? It’s worth taking a moment to assess the situation. Here is a list of signs that point to the need for a rebrand. If you find you’ve checked more than 2 boxes after carefully thinking about each symptom as it relates to your organization, your brand is probably in need […]