SIGNS IT’S TIME TO REBRAND; Tips on why and how to go about it.

How do you know when it’s time to rebrand your company? It’s worth taking a moment to assess the situation. Here is a list of signs that point to the need for a rebrand. If you find you’ve checked more than 2 boxes after carefully thinking about each symptom as it relates to your organization, your brand is probably in need […]

No one said Rebranding was Easy

I work with new companies and entrepreneurs. But I often get clients who are established but in need of a re-brand. This comes with excitement but also with some emotion. Deciding to rebrand your company is a bold move. And the fact is that with bold moves often come uncomfortable circumstances. No one said rebranding […]

Rebranding an Agency

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Rebranding an Agency The new identity and design system for Agency Bel, our boutique branding agency. I thought it might be helpful to get a sneak peak into how we work, and our design process. Only slide that is missing is our competitive analysis. THAT’s a secret.