Nantucket Community Music Center  Interior and Exteror Wayfinding 

Nantucket Community Music School 56 Center

If ever there were a music school that made you want to break out in song, this is it. After three years of planning and construction, the new Nantucket Community Music Center at 56 Center Street is simply exhilarating. Belying its traditional Federal-style facade, built in 1843 by whale oil merchant Harrison Gray Otis Dunham, […]

Brand Positioning in a Pandemic

With customer spend dropping, and uncertainty threatening to tank the economy, CEOs and entrepreneurs might find their focus veering towards protecting the profit line. However, as many successful companies are beginning to learn, it’s how you position your brand in these challenging times that will decide whether you survive this crisis. All disasters, no matter […]

Four Keys to Develop a Brand aligned with the Company

Business strategy and brand strategy are two sides of the same coin

Business strategy and brand strategy are two sides of the same coin. The way we understand branding and its association with business has begun a transformation process allowing a better adaptation to new challenges –and also old ones which have regained prominence. #branding #business #transformation  #Covid #strategy #logo #brand  #branding studio #logo design #company logo #design for branding #branding agency #graphic […]

Conscious Leaders with a Heart

"If you want your brand to benefit from word of mouth you'd better give consumers something worth talking about." – Ken Peters

You might think that crises tend to bring out the worst in people. But in fact, crises cause us to view leaders as more charismatic and effective than we normally do. The Harvard Business Review just shared in the article, “How CEOs Can Lead Selflessly Through a Crisis” that CEOs have been stepping up to support […]

The Cost of Bad Design

In 2003 Nokia designed the strangest looking phone, Nokia 7600 which looked like a teardrop. This phone had a standard size screen for that time but figuring out how to hold this phone or fit into your pocket was a great labyrinth. Single-handed texting on this phone was out of the question. Plus it had […]

AgencyBel provides strategy and design for Organizer Brand Refresh

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Agency Bel specializes in brand refreshes. Making old new again! Dots & Stripes Organizing is a full-service organizing and decluttering firm based in Boston. They came to use with an old logo and lagging presence in the space. Sometimes it pays to clean up your own space~! 

(re)ignite your Brand

Marketing PR Robin Samora works small business owners, entrepreneurs

Recently I spoke to a group of entrepreneurs at a 2-hour workshop designed to educate, inspire and help them understand how  to approach building a powerful brand from the inside out. This event was hosted by Marketing and PR expert Robin Samora. Attendees learned . . .  + About crucial brand building elements + How to […]

FIDELITY INVESTOR CENTERS; The power of super graphics to bring the brand “outside”

FIDELITY INVESTOR CENTERS When the largest U.S. mutual-fund company needed to refresh its retail branches, it turned to Gensler and my team to spearhead an effort involving interior architecture and signature finishes as well as display fixtures, graphics, and technology. The concept, which has since been rolled out to over 80 Fidelity outposts nationwide, made its debut at a […]

SIGNS IT’S TIME TO REBRAND; Tips on why and how to go about it.

How do you know when it’s time to rebrand your company? It’s worth taking a moment to assess the situation. Here is a list of signs that point to the need for a rebrand. If you find you’ve checked more than 2 boxes after carefully thinking about each symptom as it relates to your organization, your brand is probably in need […]