3 Easy Ways to Start Working with AgencyBEL




For Startups and Solo Practitioners

For Brand Refresh and Re-Designs

For Businesses that Need Ongoing Marketing Services

How incredible would it be to start your business with all the best tools to ignite your new brand?

AgencyBEL enrolls only 1 solo entrepreneur per month, with a start date of the first of the moth and an end date of the last day of the month. APPLY HERE

  • Brand Strategy homework 
  • Brand Strategy workshop 
  • Corporate Identity word mark or logo
  • Slogan, if needed 
  • Social cards for 1 social media platform. 
  • Business card design 
  • 1 page visual style guide 
  • 3 page Website made in Elementor. 
  • First 3 Social Media posts

If your business needs a name, ask about AgencyBEL’s naming services for startups.

What do you do if your brand and logo no longer reflect your business, connect with your customers or supports your long-term vision?

I work with business owners to evolve and fine-tune their brands. This maximizes their growth by aligning their identity to their customers, business and strategy.

  • Enhanced Brand Strategy homework
  • 3 hour Brand Strategy workshop + summary document
  • Renaming (if necessary)
  • Corporate Identity word mark or logo
  • Slogan or tagline
  • 10 page style guide
  • 1-2 page Messaging guideline
  • Social cards for 3 social media platforms
  • 3 print applications (1 page brochure or pamphlet, business card and signage are commonly requested)
  • 6-10 page Website made in Elementor 
    *more complex sites, such as e-commerce, are availble, but not included in the base fee.
  • Launch campaign

How do successful businesses sustain their growth and momentum?

AgencyBEL works closely with successful businesses to provide ongoing brand and marketing support. Launch-tier services includes everything in Ignite and Liftoff, and can be augmented with any of the following:

  • Active business social-media marketing
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Office, storefront and lobby brand signage
  • Tradeshow graphics
  • Packaging design
  • Seasonal campaigns
  • Buying guides
  • Multi-tiered Brand Architecture
  • Detailed corporate identity manuals and guidelines
  • Environmental graphic design
  • Advertising campaigns
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