Nyota Medical Footcare

Boston Interior Architecture firm Charles Street Design rebrand

Nyota Medical Footcare In 2020, an amazing nurse practitioner from the hospital setting approached me to help her establish her own podiatric practice. From strategically positioning her as a mobile foot care clinic, to naming, to website, trade show, collateral and more. Now with many staff, she is training other NPs how to launch their […]

Cocktails In Hell

Cocktails In Hell Agency Bel works with an unlikely change maker to launch Cocktails In Hell, an elixir brand for spirited women who are ready to cut loose and laugh out loud. The brand promise is to BE TRUE TO YOUR WILD SIDE AND LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN. WE PROMISE. WE ARE COCKTAILS […]

Why does color really matter, and how does it shape brands?

Brand Color Psychology

As the first thing people notice, it can’t be overstated how important color is for establishing a visual identity. From increasing brand recognition by up to 80 percent, to influencing mood and perception, it’s important that businesses consider the psychological impacts that colour can have on potential customers.

What is a trade dress and how it can protect your brand

secondary design element brand system

As any business knows, each product has a distinctive look and feel—one that is often a signature look that is protected as the brand’s trade image. When running a business, there is the risk that your product’s look might be copied or infringed on, which is where trade dress comes in.  If you’re wondering what […]

Interior Architecture Client testimonial

On helping his interior design firm rebrand after 20 years : “Laura did a phenomenal job listening! A lot of designers fall into applying their own personal preferences instead of listening to their client. She took our opinions and filtered them through her own creative lens. We really liked how she attacked the problem from […]