Five Aspects Of Visual Identity That Many Companies Tend To Overlook

A company’s brand can be as valuable – if not more so – than the products and services it offers. Apple’s brand alone is worth $184 billion, while Google’s is $141 billion. Yes, that’s billion with a B. While a brand identity is comprised of many qualities, visual identity is arguably its most important. This […]

More leaders are speaking out about environmental and social issues

There is little doubt in my mind that historians will look back at the last few years as a significant turning point in the history of business. Most large companies—the Fortune 500—have significantly increased the attention they pay to social and environmental issues, and are more willing to speak out on controversial social and political issues. Critics see this […]

Teaching Package Design and Advertising Design this Semester

Teaching Package Design and Advertising Design this Semester Although my career path began as a graphic designer in the corporate and NY agency world, I have been fortunate to integrate teaching at the college level the last 9 years along with having Agency Bel. As a part-time faculty member at the New England Institute of […]